Wicked Good Witch will be at the Heritage Fair in Framingham, MA on March 28th

Welcome to the Farmstand

Here's an overview of what the farmstand is like.  To see our dedicated webpage for the farm, click the button below. 

Our Farm

Holiday Farm & Farmstand

We are a small farm in rural Central Massachusetts, with happy free range chickens, rescue horses, beehives and chemical-free gardens.  We try to maintain a zero-energy footprint with geothermal heat and solar arrays.  

Open from May to December, we offer fresh local produce, plants and handmade items.  We have an antiques and vintage items room where you can find your next treasure. 

Season hours are:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: Noon-5pm 

Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm

By Appointment 

By Chance 

The "big barn" in fall

The "big barn" in fall