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Bath Products

Charmed Soaps

Charmed Herbal Handmade Artisan Natural Soaps

Soaps infused with herbs, scents and colors and magical intentions to bring the user Love, Happiness, Dreams, Success, Peace, Romance, Friendship and many other blessings. 

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Natural ingredients in organic oils make these lotions stand out.  Try them and you will see how spellbinding they are. 

Customizing available- contact me

Lip Butters


Beeswax and coconut oil make these lip butters soft and soothing for chapped lips.  Flavors are seasonal, and always bewitching. 

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Natural Deodorant


Made with coconut oil and DE, this deodorant is soft and is scented with tea tree and lavender essential oils.

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Skin Restorative

Natural Skin Restorative Skin cream radiation treatment healing

Developed to help skin heal from radiation treatment, this unscented nourishing lotion helps soothe burns and moisturize dry skin. 

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"I take your soaps with me when I travel." -Maria

"Thank you for such a wonderful [Skin Restorative] product!" - Pam